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Treatment for Sports Injuries At The Dungarvan Health Clinic

Treatments At Our Health Clinic

Physical Therapy: What is Physical Therapy?
Physical therapy is a scientific-based form of healthcare with a distinct assessment, treatment and management approach in the field of musculoskeletal health.

It is a hands-on approach to the treatment and prevention of problems and dysfunctions that arise in the musculoskeletal system as well as providing a effective treatment for many types of muscle and joint pain ranging from acute injuries to long term discomfort.

Physical Therapy involves working in collaboration with the client to establish the underlying cause of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction and to effectively restore balance and optimal function within the musculoskeletal system. Physical Therapy specializes in the use of palpatory skills, not only in the initial assessment phase but also in continual assessment and monitoring of soft tissues and joint motion during treatment. It integrates a wide variety of advanced soft tissue and articular techniques to effect restoration of optimal pain free function.

Gait Analysis & Prescribed OrthoticsGait Analysis & Prescribed Orthotics
A diagnostic system available to evaluate balance, co-ordination, foot strike and possible biomechanical problems using sensory mat and 3-D digital images. More information on the system can be found at

This enables the assessment of:
  • Foot and ankle problems
  • Lower back pain
  • Postural problems
  • Sports injuries
Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy. Chinese medical theory is based on the belief that energy known as "chi" (qi) flows through the body's tissues and organs along a network of invisible channels known as meridians. This energy regulates all physical, emotional and mental processes. Imbalances or blockages in the persons "chi" result in illness. The goal of acupuncture is to restore balance and harmony in the body by inserting needles into particular points in the body to control the flow of chi.

Bowen Technique
The Bowen Technique is a remedial therapy in which the practitioner uses thumbs and forefingers on precise points on the body to make rolling type movements which gently stimulate the muscles, soft tissue and energy within the body. These moves prompt the body to make the adjustments which help to re-balance, relieve tension and reduce pain.

There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue. It is not a form of massage. The treatment affects the body in ways which promote healing, pain relief and recovery of energy. The experience of the treatment is gentle, subtle and relaxing and it is these features which make The Bowen Technique so unique. It is generally regarded as safe and effective for people of all ages.

What can this technique be useful for?
  • It is suitable to enhance performance and reduce incidence of injury for athletes
  • As a means of stress management
  • For many musculoskeletal problems
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Migraine
  • Hay Fever
  • Stress and tension problems such as depression, kidney problems, reproductive problems.
Who is it suitable for?

Anyone from new born babies to the elderly. It is also a safe therapy to use during all stages of pregnancy and for infant colic.

Reflexology treats the whole person, particularly weak or ill areas. With this holistic therapy the feet are used as "maps" of the body. Pressure is applied to points on the feet, which correspond to organs and systems of the body. The pressure applied helps problems of the body to heal.

Massage is a combination of various movements which are used to manipulate tissues in the body for both local and over all effect.

Types of massage available are:

Sports massage
Swedish massage
Indian head massage
Mother and baby massage

Benefits of massage:
  • Improving the suppleness and elasticity of muscles
  • Breaking down tension and stiffness in muscle
  • Breaking down and releasing toxins
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Promotes lymph drainage
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Helps break up fat deposits
  • Helps relieve pain and tension
Photomedicine (Laser Therapy)
Laser therapy is the application of red or near infra-red light over injuries where it is absorbed and causes cellular stimulation to occur restoring normal cell function. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation and enhances the body's natural healing process.

What can it be used for?
  • Arthritis (rheumatoid and osteoarthritis)
  • Tendonitis, ligament and tendon tears
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries (Carpel tunnel, bursitis)
  • Soft tissue and sports injuries
  • Back, neck and knee pain
  • Wound healing and tissue repair.
Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention Programs
A 6 weeks performance enhancement and injury prevention program available for groups of 12 to include:
  • Full fitness and injury assessment prior to taking course
  • 6 weeks fitness program
  • Full assessment on completion of fitness program
Counselling and Life & Business Coaching
Counselling is available to deal with issues arising from personal, family or work related problems, including stress, depression, bereavement, bullying, relationships and trauma.

Counsellors are qualified professionals and work under a code of ethics issued by an accrediting body. The ensures a safe confidential and effective service for clients.

Life Coaching enables the client to set new and better goals for some or all areas of life, to re-focus on important things in life, to develop tools and support structures to empower their life and to complete specific tasks.

Nutritional Therapy
Nutritional therapy combines the latest nutritional research with a holistic approach to healthcare to treat chronic illness and promote optimum health and well being. Nutritional therapists recognise that each person is an individual who has unique dietary and nutritional requirements. With this in mind, a nutritional consultation will include a detailed look at the client's present diet and lifestyle, the function of body systems and organs, as well as family health history. A detailed and personalised protocol will then be given to the client which will include specific dietary advice, recipes, lifestyle advice, and sometimes referrals for other health care providers. It is often necessary to have one or two follow-up consultations to amend the protocol according to any new presenting symptoms or other symptoms that need to be addressed.

Other Therapies Available:
Indian Head Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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